About Us

We strive to promote education and awareness in the mental health and domestic violence world. Ending the stigma around mental illnesses, financially supporting those who are mentally ill, and speaking engagements to educate individuals on mental health. We also connect mental health survivors to one another so that they are able to support one another through their hardships.
We give back 20% of our profits directly to mental health. These profits are going to care centers, care packages for individuals in treatment, or anything else having to do with mental health and domestic violence treatment and support. The rest of the profits go towards creating educational programs for school districts, speaking engagements, community involvement, and further expanding the organization.
We hope to make a difference in the lives of many. Allowing everyone to never feel alone, to support one another, and together change the stigma surrounding mental health. For the future, we hope to eventually open up a facility, a safe haven, for individuals to go to. This safe haven will be a place of peace and a safe place for individuals to calm themselves and cope with their mental illness. This facility will be completely free thanks for the generosity of the public.
We were founded by Mikayla Rose Becker. At the age of 19 Ms. Becker had endured her own mental health struggles. She overcame depression, anxiety, eating disorders, self harm, and a suicide attempt and created this organization in hopes that individuals going through exactly what she had gone through would never feel alone and would get the help they deserved and needed. She survived a domestic violence relationship and speaks on her story helping other individuals to also escape their DV relationships. Through her own speaking engagements, prior to the formation of this organization, Ms. Becker continued to see stigma surrounding mental illnesses within the school districts she spoke in. Thus, Uncensored was founded in hopes of reducing the stigma, bringing survivors together, and educating the public about mental illnesses and domestic violence.